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A backflow prevention system installed in Kelowna

Backflow Testing Kelowna

Your local Kelowna Backflow experts.

ACE Plumbing and Heating is your local expert for all of your Backflow needs. Wether you are looking to have a backflow preventer installed at your home or business, or the municipality where you live has requested documentation that your back flow device has been tested, we can help.

At ACE Plumbing and Heating we have multiple technicians certified to provide a backflow prevention test for your home and business.

If you require a test, you can book a backflow prevention test here.


You can also request a free backflow preventer install quote here.

Back Flow Testing
An ACE Plumbing and Heating employee conducts a test on a back flow preventer

Backflow Testing Kelowna

Many commercial and residential plumbing systems have a back flow prevention system. A type of safety valve, back flow preventers help to ensure that any contaminated water does not enter the main water system. If you have a back flow preventer, it may require regular scheduled inspection to ensure it is functioning properly. In the City of Kelowna, there are specific requirements for testing your back flow preventer. You are required to use someone that is certified to test your back flow preventer and at ACE Plumbing and Heating, we have several technicians with this qualification. Once the back flow preventer has been tested, ACE Plumbing and Heating can submit the paperwork to the city on your behalf, and in the event it requires repairs, we can order the parts and fix the problem. You can book your backflow prevetion test here.

ACE Plumbing and Heating, a company you can count on

ACE Plumbing and Heating is proud to offer a wide range of financing options through our strategic partnership with Financeit.

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ACE Plumbing and Heating has many different financing options available On Approved Credit (OAC). Simply click the Financeit link below and enter the amount you would like to finance and you will be able to complete the application at a time that is convenient for you.

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