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A frozen water pipe

Frozen Pipes Kelowna

Your local Kelowna frozen pipe experts.

It is hard to think of anything much worse during a winter cold snap than frozen pipes. If you have frozen pipes, they need to be thawed before any plumbing fixes can be done.

We have compiled information on what you can do in the case of frozen pipes, and ways you can help prevent pipes from freezing.


If you have any questions or concerns about frozen pipes, please contact ACE Plumbing and Heating and we'll do what we can to help.

Frozen Pipes in Kelowna

Your local Kelowna frozen pipe experts.

If you have frozen pipes, please read all of the information that we have provided below. One of the major problems with frozen pipes is that a plumber will only be able to tell if there is a leak and provide repairs once the pipe has thawed, it cannot be done if the pipe(s) are still frozen. It is important to turn your water off before you thaw the pipe so that if there were breaks in you plumbing system, you can limit the amount of damage and help to avoid flooding.

A frozen burst pipe in Kelowna

My pipes are frozen, what do I do?

If your pipes are already frozen, there is not much a plumber can do until the pipes are thawed. The first thing to do do is to shut off your main water supply. This can usually be found in your mechanical room. It is important to shut off the water before thawing the pipes in case there have been any pipes that have broken. This will help limit the chances of costly flood damage once the pipes have thawed. Your main shutoff valve can be in many different places but is usually located very close to where the water enters the house. This may be in your mechanical room or crawl space. If you have a water meter, then it will be very close to you meter. The best place to start is in the mechanical room and see if you can find the water pipe that comes up through the ground or the wall. You can then turn the shutoff so it makes a cross with the pipe, if it is in line with the pipe it is turned on. You should not need any tools. In the event you cannot find your main shutoff, you can contact us to have someone come to help. You can also contact your municipality to see if they can turn off your water at the street, known as a curb stop, but note that plumbers are not allowed to tamper with these shutoffs. Once you ahve shut off the water, read the steps below on how to thaw your pipes.

Top 5 ways to thaw frozen pipes:

There are many ways to thaw your pipes if they are frozen. We have listed what we believe to be the top 5 below. But first, you should never use anything flammable like a blow torch. This can be very dangerous and is a fire hazard.

  1. Use warm water. Plug in a kettle and wrap a towel around the part of the pipe that is frozen. Pour the hot water over the towel and allow it to sit until the pipes thaw. You may need to repeat this several times.

  2. Use a space heater. Plug in a space heater and point it at the part of the pipe that is frozen and wait for it to thaw. Be very careful that the space heater does not overheat or come into contact with water.

  3. Use a blow dryer. you can use a blow dryer to warm the pipes enough to thaw them. Be careful the blow dryer doesn't overheat or come into contact with water.

  4. Use an electric heat pad. There are several different types of electric heating that you could use to thaw frozen pipes such as an electric heating pad, or electrically heated tape, sometimes called heat trace.

  5. Open up access to the pipes. In some cases, the space where the frozen pipe is does not have air flow, such as behind a cabinet door like under your sink. Opening these doors or access panels will allow the heat from your house to slowly thaw your pipes.

What do I do once my frozen pipes have thawed?

Once your pipes have thawed, do your best to inspect your entire plumbing system. Turn on a tap in a bathroom sink to make sure the water is flowing and then examine your piping for leaks. Check the drywall and ceilings for wet patches, look in your mechanical room for any signs of leaks. Check under all of your kitchen and bathroom sinks for signs of leaks. In the event you discover a leak or burst pipe, shutoff your water supply contact us to fix your frozen pipes or call 2508616696.

How do I prevent my pipes from freezing?

When we get extremely cold temperatures it can be difficult to prevent frozen pipes, but here are a few pointers that we see happen often.

  • If you have a crawl space that is vented, make sure that before the cold snap you block off those vents to prevent the cold air entering under your house. Be sure to unblock these vents once it warms up to prevent moisture buildup.

  • Open up all of your cupboards under sinks and open doors to mechanical rooms to ensure the warm air from you house's heating system can keep these areas warm.

  • You can also have a tap or two turn on just a little bit. Running water does not freeze as easily at stagnant water, so running a tap a little can help prevent freezing.

What if my pipes freeze when I am away from home or out of town?

Having water problems or flooding at your house can be very hard to deal with. If you are out of town for extending periods of time, we recommend having someone you trust check in from time to time. Do not turn off your heating system while you are away. There are also new technology systems that can monitor water flow and inform you via text and email if a flood, or water flow problem is suspected. Ae recommend learning more about the Moen Flo flood prevention kit here. You can also always contact us for all your frozen pipe questions.

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